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RF Safety & Compliance

Leading developer and manufacturer of the most reliable, efficient, user-friendly and advanced numerical tools and instrumentation for the accurate evaluation of electromagnetic near- and far-fields from static to optical frequencies offering:

  • SEMCAD X 3-D FDTD Simulation Software for electro-magnetic and thermal simulation software
  • SAR measurement hardware for immediate SAR measurements (ISAR) for antenna design and verification
  • Probes and Measurement systems for Dielectric Measurements (DAK), E field, H Field, B1, SAR and Temperature
  • Optically isolated Time Domain Sensor probes for EMC, E and H field measurements
  • OTA phantoms for propagation and wireless device testing

ZMT, a sister company of Schmid & Partner Engineering AG (SPEAG), is the leading manufacturer of high-end EMF test systems for prototype evaluation and compliance testing of medical implants with respect to radiofrequency and gradient field induced heating and electromagnetic compatibility:

  • MRI Simulators (RF and Gradient) to support implant safety studies for MRI compatibility and safety assessments.
  • ASTM Phantoms for Implant Testing.
  • Tissue Simulating Media to support MRI compatibility testing
  • Segmentation Software (iSEG).
  • SIM4Life Multi-physics Solver

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