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Semiconductor Test Solutions

The world's premier designer and manufacturer of ultra high performance probe cards and probing solutions for the semiconductor industry. Probe cards and probing solutions for modeling & characterization, parametric test, and wafer level reliability that thrive in any temperature extremes:

  • Ultra High Performance ceramic based crash resistant probe cards and multi contact probes. Probing solutions support -65 C to 400 C applications from FA level measurements using AttoFast(™), low capacitance characterization and WLR.
  • Production parametric probe cards for in line testers and analytical applications.
  • High performance parametric cable assemblies to support low leakage, low noise measurements and probe card interfaces

Test contactors and related services with the highest electrical and mechanical performance on the market, ensuring global semiconductor manufacturers and test houses the most stable and reliable contactors that deliver the most accurate and reliable test for a wide range of applications.

  • Reduce development time, transfer test seamlessly from characterization to production, increase yields, and improve overall test floor and equipment efficiency.
  • Test sockets for RF, Microwave, Digital and Memory packages, LGA, BGA, SOIC.
  • Characterization and production solutions for high density, high performance, low inductance, and low capacitance applications.

Maury Microwave Corporation is a leading manufacturer of RF and microwave laboratory devices, calibration standards and system components, serving all areas of the microwave and RF industry with special emphasis on RF device characterization and automated tuner systems.

  • Precision microwave instruments and components including coaxial/waveguide to 50/110 GHz devices, noise parameter measurement systems, load pull measurement, and noise calibration systems.

Manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic wafer probe stations and probes for DC/CV, RF/Microwave, optical, and failure analysis applications. Complete system solutions for high voltage/current, MEMS, and LED testing. Reliability Test systems.

SPEAG is leading developer and manufacturer of the most reliable, efficient, user-friendly and advanced numerical tools and instrumentation for the accurate evaluation of electromagnetic near- and far-fields from static to optical frequencies.

  • Optically isolated Time Domain Sensor probes for EMC, E and H field measurements
  • ICEy - The most advanced reactive near-field E/H-Field scanning system for the analysis of EM interference and compatibility (EMI/EMC) in highly integrated electronics.

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