Lab and manufacturing products for testing photonic integrated circuits and optical components for insertion loss, return loss or polarization dependent loss measurements across the full wavelength range with unprecedented dynamic range, speed and resolution. Products include mainframe, high power continuously tunable lasers, optical switches, optical power meters, combiner modules, variable attenuators, detector modules and electrical bit error rate sampling oscilloscopes.

iTEST Specializes in the design of aerospace grade power supplies, measuring instruments for research applications, and reliability test benches for BiLT (burn-in and life-test) of active or passive electronic components. Modular 19” 4U high chassis model power supply systems are robust and reliable and designed according to the customer’s needs with Current down to nA and Voltages to 1500V with USB and Ethernet communication and Windows,Linux, or NI Labview control. Calibrations in accordance to the ISO/CEI 17025 standard

Maury Microwave Corporation is a leading manufacturer of RF and microwave laboratory devices, calibration standards and system components, serving all areas of the microwave and RF industry with special emphasis on RF device characterization and automated tuner systems.

  • Precision microwave instruments and components including coaxial/waveguide to 50/110 GHz devices, noise parameter measurement systems, load pull measurement, and noise calibration systems.


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Submicron Thermal Imaging systems based on the Thermoreflectance principal with ultrafast transient response for Characterization profiling, Time-Dependant Thermal Analysis, Flip Chip Thermal Analysis, Hot Spot Detection & Failure Analysis


Manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic wafer probe stations and probes for DC/CV, RF/Microwave, optical, and failure analysis applications. Complete system solutions for high voltage/current, MEMS, and LED testing. Reliability Test systems.


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Packaged Semiconductor Device Probe pins for BGA/LGA,QFN,QFP. High power (15A), kelvin (0.3mm) and high frequency (>110 GHz), Production and Manual Test Sockets (to 15,000 pins, 256 Gbps), WLCSP probe heads (0.4-0.15mm pitch, up to 16 sites, 0.1mm single site). Pin selectable for low C-res and low cross talk applications