Submicron Thermal Imaging systems based on the Thermoreflectance principal with ultrafast transient response for Characterization profiling, Time-Dependant Thermal Analysis, Flip Chip Thermal Analysis, Hot Spot Detection & Failure Analysis

RCL Microwave specializes in broadband material characterization and can measure from 1-110 GHz. Testing includes liquids, powders, paints, epoxies, circuit board materials, plastics, magnetic, and virtually any other material. We perform expert material anaysis using state of the art instruments, specialty techniques and custom designed fixtures resulting in superior, reliable results.


MPI Corporation sells ERS AirCool® PRIME technology: thermal systems for wafer & device probing. Temperature range is from -60°C to 300°C. Available in ultra low-noise, COAX or TRIAX, nickel or gold. For RF, DC, or high voltage device test.


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OSENSA Innovations

The market leader in fluorescent, low cost, low noise - high stability fiber optic temperature sensors for MRI & related research and Power industry. The technology for MRI temperature monitoring is deployed at institutions around the world for applications including phantom studies, implantable device testing, patient monitoring, and RF ablation surgery. The technology measures temperatures with 0.1 °C accuracy at 0.01 °C resolutions, which is 10x the performance of alternate solutions. Coupling low noise electronics with a phosphor decay technology, OSENSA has created sensors that are immune to magnetic or RF fields, with no offsets or calibration required.

In the Power industry, OSENSA offers solutions for temperature monitoring for use in high temperature, high voltage, RF, high magnetic, or focused ultrasound environments such as transformer windings, bus bars, switchgears, Induction/RF heating, and Semiconductor processes. Temperature sensors can be rigidly attached to hot-spot locations and are completely immune to EMI/RFI interference and noise bursts caused by high-voltage switching.

All OSENSA systems come with temperatures sensors, temperature transmitters (signal conditioners), as well as free OSENSA view software (Pro version also available), along with accessories and options for relay and digital/analog output.


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